Fitness First

Your stay will be jam-packed with carefully balanced high and low-intensity sessions, including fat-busting cardio combined with morning runs, yoga and more to help you break free of what’s holding you back and make that change.

Whether you’re feeling down, stuck in a rut, needing to lose weight, or just in need of some fun, sun and fitness, you will not want to miss out.


Mindfulness Matters

Our mission at the Holistic Boot Camp is to help you experience mental and physical rejuvenation as well as enable you to evaluate your relationship with health and wellbeing.

We do this through a combination of physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing activities. Our programmes perfect positive influence to keep you guided and set to continue to a happy and successful life.


Nutritional Guidance

We’re committed to showing you how beautiful healthy eating can be for your mind as well as your body.

By taking charge of the food and drinks you put into your system, you can make a positive impact on how your mind and body function together.

Through healthy eating and nutrition talks at the Holistic Boot Camp, you can unlock a whole host of benefits, including the ability to take charge of your life, as well as feel good about the positive choices you make. As well as improving physical and mental health, you will have more energy, and will be ready to take on any challenge with a positive outlook to life.


Reboot & Recharge

The accommodation’s secure, secluded and tranquil location makes it perfect to reboot, relax and recharge during the Holistic Boot Camp’s programme, with a large layered swimming pool and beach area set within tropical terraces to help guests stay cool.


It's not all hard work!

Recognising your self-worth is the most important part to moving towards a healthier, happier you. The Holistic Boot Camp’s programme nourishes your brain with a combination of fun team activities, fitness and Unconscious Mind Therapy to help you achieve your goals every step of the way.

The camp builds in downtime and beauty treatments that include make-overs and holistic massages. All these added extras allow for an all-encompassing mind, body and soul rejuvenation experience.

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